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Residential Property At Terre Plat Report

Terre Plat
$ 230,000.00
  • Lot Size: 6380 sqft
  • Floors: 0
The property is a residential lot with a concrete bungalow thereon. The lot is located in an area referred to as Terre Plat, Blenhem in the Parish of St. Andrew.
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About property

The Land 

The property is a residential portion of land containing 6,380 sq. ft. and is bounded legally as follows:

  • North-West: Blenheim Estate;
  • North-East: Blenheim Estate;
  • East: Lot 1;
  • South: Public Road to Thibaud;
  • South-West: Blenheim Estate 

The portion of land is roughly rectangular in shape and slopes moderately from south east to north west at an 18% gradient.  Access to the lot is via the Terre Plat main trunk road.  

The Building

The Building is an incomplete residential concrete bungalow with a basement and a gross external area of 2,319 square feet.  The main floor consists of 1,561 square feet inclusive of 360 sq. ft. of porches. The basement consists of 758 square feet inclusive of 201 square feet of porch.

The structure comprises a master suite, three bedrooms, including one in the basement, two bathrooms, living-room / kitchenette, porch and open area.


Land Information

Lot Size: 6380 sqft
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