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Tourism Loan


Tourism is everybody's business!

The Tourism Sector is definitely back on the rebound, given the new products which were developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, direct flights to the island and more so, the tourist traffic expected with the recent ‘opening’ of the island and the new cruise season.
With the anticipation that many more visitors will grace our shores, herein lies the opportunity for stakeholders within the tourism sector and its ancillary services to prepare their properties and services to contribute to an authentic Dominican experience for locals and tourists alike.

Our Offer

Use of funds

  • Accommodation
  • Restaurant and bars
  • Heritage sites and attractions
  • Vehicle rental
  • Local craft
  • Tour Buses and other Tourism related transportation

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Mission Statement

“To create value-added solutions focused on building employee, customer and shareholder confidence and satisfaction by improving quality of life through innovative products and services, facilitating social and economic investments and partnering with all our stakeholders.”