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Corporate Goals and Values

Our Goals


The goals of the DAIDB are:

  1. To actively pursue, develop and manage rewarding relationships with all stakeholders
  2. To provide unparalleled customer care
  3. To adopt systems and procedures aimed at achieving operational efficiency
  4. To provide a wholesome and progressive working environment




DAIDB is committed to consistently reinforcing its corporate values which are: 

Our Work

  • Integrity - We value integrity in our employees, in our relationships with our customers and in our business practices. We believe in conducting business and maintaining all relationships with the highest ethical standards. 
  • Respect - We recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual. We are driven by shared goals and expectations and respect each other in our daily interactions. 
  • Service Excellence - We take pride in delivering superior service that consistently exceeds expectations. We are committed to providing personalized relationship-oriented service that our customers value. 
  • Open communication lines – We foster open communication throughout the organization. We support healthy debate and personal participation. Employee, customer and stakeholder feedback is critical to our development. 


Our Family

  • Employees - We celebrate the diverse nature, talent and creativity of our employees. We believe in creating an environment where personal success is aligned to company success and hope to achieve as a team, what no individual can accomplish alone.  
  • Customers - We are a customer driven company that views every customer contact as an opportunity to add value and enhance our relationship. By genuinely understanding their needs and providing services and products of value, we empower them to realize their goals and experience success.  
  • Community - We are passionate about making a difference in the communities we serve. We recognize the value of investing our time, money and expertise in promoting economic and social development and in building lifelong relationships. 
  • Stakeholders - We strive to meet our stakeholders’ expectations. We carefully balance risk and return, rigorously manage costs and continuously look for ways to improve.

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Mission Statement

“To create value-added solutions focused on building employee, customer and shareholder confidence and satisfaction by improving quality of life through innovative products and services, facilitating social and economic investments and partnering with all our stakeholders.”