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Goodwill Primary School celebrates Francaphonie Day 2023

The Goodwill Primary School was proud to host its first-ever Francaphonie Day of Activities on Friday March 17, 2023, which was partly sponsored by the AID Bank.  The French Co-ordinator at Goodwill Primary, Ms. Hannah Massicot, said that this first French Extravanganza  was focused on highlighting some of the Francaphonie Countries around the world.

The event at the Goodwill Primary School, which was themed « Les français est toujours vivant à Goodwill Primary School », was a concerted effort to revamp the teaching of the French Language, given the challenges of the last two years as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The event also created an extraordinary opportunity for pupils of the Goodwill Primary to develop their French communications skills, not only amongst themselves, but also, amongs their peers from the Roseau, Mahaut, Castle Bruce, and  St. Mary’s  Primary Schools, who attended the event.

Both teachers and students of the host school, the Goodwill Primary,  were dressed in the colours of the French Flag as a means of highlighing this significant French emblem, while  each of the primary schools, including the host school, marvellously displayed cultural aspects of the various Caribbean Francophonie islands that they each represented.

In addition to the National Spelling Bee Competition, other activities to commemorate Francaphonie Day 2023 at the Goodwill Primary School included  a French Extravagant Wear Competition, a Creative French Hat Competition, and a French Cuisine Competition.

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