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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Parallel to the gradual re-opening of the economy and the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AID Bank responded positively to a number of requests for financial assistance, confident that this support would assist in meeting the liquidity needs of these social structures. 

The Bank continued its corporate responsibility program by providing support to targeted segments such as the youth, elderly, physically challenged and the underprivileged; promotion of arts and culture and initiatives geared towards the preservation of the environment. 

The AID Bank contributed to the sponsorship of Kalinago Week and “The Man behind the Voice”, which were both productions of DBS Radio, to highlight the Kalinago heritage and the first manager of DBS radio, as part of their 50th Anniversary Programming. 

The Bank also contributed to the Office of the Dominica Solid Waste Management’s panel discussion on: “The Role of the Media in Educating and Raising Awareness on Waste Management”, during their 2021 national campaign to fight against littering, which impacts the degradation of the natural environment. In support of their 50th Anniversary as Dominica’s premiere dance company, the AID Bank contributed to the Dominica Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company’s (WDTC)’s 3-day Dance Production event. The Bank’s financial contribution to the Bureau of Gender Affairs for International Women’s Day 2021 resulted in the recognition of five (5) female professionals in the local medical field for the critical role they played during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The AID Bank’s partnership with the Dominica Youth Business Trust was reflected in educational gifts to recipients of two annual school competitions, namely: “My Business of the Future Poster” and the “Shadow an Entrepreneur Essay”. Additionally, as Dominica’s only development bank, with a vested interest in education, the Bank provided support to the sponsorship of DBS’ Reading Competition and the Dominica Association of Teachers’ Spelling Bee Competition. 

This financial year ended June 2021, the Bank once again contributed to the National Information System’s Library Week, and also made a financial contribution towards the graduation ceremony of the Warner Primary School. The Bank also had the pleasure of awarding the Top Student of the Faculty of Education Award of the Dominica State College. The recipient of the award was also a client of the Bank. Other sponsorship contributions during this financial year included a financial contribution to the Dominica Association of Teachers’ 30th Anniversary Magazine, as well as contributions towards the annual fund-raising activities of the Dominica Cancer Society and the Junior Chamber of Commerce International (JCI) Christmas project. 

Mission Statement

“To create value-added solutions focused on building employee, customer and shareholder confidence and satisfaction by improving quality of life through innovative products and services, facilitating social and economic investments and partnering with all our stakeholders.”