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AID Bank contributes to the opening of the 2023 Carnival Festivities in St. Joseph

AID Bank contributes to the opening of the 2023 Carnival Festivities in St. Joseph

The village of St. Joseph, from the St. Joseph Highway to the vicinity of the Kelleb John Laurent Primary School through Otrobando, and on to the St. Joseph playing field was a spectacle of people, colour, culture and entertainment on Saturday, February 4, 2023. 

Carnival Organizers from St. Joseph collaborated with community volunteers, carnival groups, music bands, distinguished residents, villagers in general, and sponsors such as the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank / AID Bank, to make the ‘Opening of the 2023 Carnival festivities in this vibrant community, the success that is was.

Onlookers were entertained by local bands / musicians such as Triple K International, ‘Chou Poule’ Lapo Kabwit, and Ridge.  The parade of diverse groups such as the Africulture Stilt Walkers,  Sensay, St. Joseph Flag wavers, Marigot Flag Wavers, ‘Loyalty over Money’(LOM) and La Croix T-shirt groups among others, who swayed rhythmically to the local beats, added to the flair of the event.  The excited thrills and laughter emanating from the crowd due to the antics of the La Plaine Black Devils, and the Big Bottom Ladies were contagious. The Balloonist was in full display, and alongside advertising floats, St. Joseph Little Gems, other participants of the JCI Kiddies Carnival, and the ITSS Miss Teen pageant,   commanded pleasurable responses from onlookers.

The Opening of Carnival is an annual event in this vibrant West Coast community, which showcases the culture and traditions of villagers.  It is also one of those tourist-atttacting community events which provides a platform for local talent, revenue generation, and brings both villagers and visitors together to celebrate and have fun. 

According to one of the co-ordinators of this event,  Carnival activities in the village, have its roots in both African and European traditions which over the years,  have evolved into a unique blend of local music, dance, food and art.  Organizers of this spectacular activity  have expressed a sincere appreciation for the support of the AID Bank in this year’s festivities.

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