The calibre and expertise of the professional and administrative staff of the AID Bank speaks to the excellence with which the bank performs.

Of significance is that the level of staff turnover within the DAIDB is regarded as low compared with regional and international norms, with the average length of service of the permanent staff being in excess of thirteen (13) years. We thank the general staff for their cooperation throughout the Bank’s challenging period of transformation. The management team at the helm of the organisation includes the following executives:

Position Name Credentials Overview Of Responsibilities
General Manager

Mr. Julius J Corbett

Mr. Julius Corbett was first appointed as the General Manager of the AID Bank in May 2013. Mr. Corbett is an experienced financial professional with more than 35 years in financial management and advising, banking, accounting and auditing. 

Previous to his appointment at the AID Bank, Mr. Corbett was the General Manager at the National Commercial Bank of Dominica (NBD). He also worked as a financial advisor in Canada and with Chase Bank in the BVI.

  • To develop and maintain rewarding stakeholder relationships;
  • To champion the provision of unparalleled customer service;
  • To promote operational efficiency;
  • To create a performance enhancing environment conducive to productivity, efficiency and excellent customer service.
Executive Manager, Corporate Affairs

Dr. Emaline Harris Collymore

Dr. Emaline Harris Collymore has served the AID Bank in various capacities since 1986.  She has a B.A and M.A in Economics; and a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics. 

The Corporate Affairs Division is responsible for Funding, Special Projects and Corporate Communication, Management Information Systems and the Bank’s Industrial Estate programme.

  • To establish and maintain strategic alliances between the Bank and selected stakeholders through the sourcing of funding, and outreach exercises.
  • To execute the bank’s strategic plan and corporate social responsibility portfolio
  • To identify and develop projects
  • To supervise the support services unit of the Bank.
Executive Manager, Credit Operations

Mrs. Mathilda John Rose

Mrs. Mathilda John Rose commenced her employment with the bank in 1991. She holds a B.Sc., Economics & Management, and M.Sc. Financial Management.  She joined the Bank in 1990.

  • To grant credit on a sound and collectible basis;
  • To oversee the recoveries effort and the provision of technical assistance to Dominican Businesses, small enterprises and foreign investors; 
  • To provide training, guidance and supervision to personnel in Credit and Recoveries and provide and promote high standards of professionalism, integrity and leadership in the Division.
Senior Manager, Finance and Accounts

Ms. V. Elfreda Abraham

Ms. Elfreda V. Abraham joined the AID Bank in 1981.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounts and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) formerly known as Certified General Accountant (CGA).

  • To maintain the accounting records of the Bank with accuracy and in keeping with accepted accounting principles;
  • Advise the General Manager on liquidity matters;
  • To ensure that the Bank’s finances are efficiently managed and clients’ accounts are updated daily;
  • To ensure that reliable and relevant financial information are provided to advise management;
Senior Manager, Management Information Systems

Mrs. Avril Coipel

Mrs. Coipel joined the AID Bank in 2008 and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science & Mathematics, a M.Sc. in Applied Statistics and a M.Sc. in Information Technology and an MBA (Chartered Banker).

  • To manage the Bank’s Local Area Network including hardware, software, information security, ICT infrastructure, website, and crisis situations;
  • To contribute to organizational policies and support research and development of electronic products;
  • To supervise and train the staff of the Unit with appropriate technology and assist in training Bank staff in the use of software utilized by the Bank.
Manager, Industrial Estate Unit

Mrs. Romualda Hyacinth

Mrs. Romualda Hyacinth holds an Executive Diploma in Business Administration, a diploma in Private Secretarial Duties and a certificate in Human Resource.
She joined the Bank in 1989 and has served in several positions since then. She currently serves as the Bank’s Ag. Senior Manager - Human Resource Management.

  • To manage the lands and buildings at three Industrial Estates in Canefield, Geneva and Picard;
  • To oversee the collection of rental income of the estates collectively comprises 20 buildings with one each in Geneva and Picard and 18 in Canefield;
  • To facilitate concerns of the tenants on the estates. 
Manager, Credit

Mrs. Martha Abel

Mrs. Martha Abel became a part of the AID Bank team in 1983 and has a BA in Business Administration and in 2012. She was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration by the University of Leicester.

  • To manage the lending activities of the AIDB including credit exposures and risks, arrears control, securities, portfolio assignment and review of approved loans. 
  • To grant credit on a sound and collectible basis;
  • To provide training, guidance and supervision to the Credit Section.
Manager, Recoveries

Ms. Patricia Etienne

Ms. Patricia Etienne holds a B.Sc Management. She joined the Bank in 1991.

  • To manage the recoveries activities of the Bank to reduce non-performing loans to targeted levels;
  • Oversee the effective collection of arrears; repossession of property, sale of assets or workout or restructuring of loans, and recommend the initiation of legal action for recovery of loans;
  • To prepare timely reports on collections and arrears.
Internal Auditor

Mrs. Liane Irish-Wade

Mrs. Liane Irish Wade holds a BSc in Accounting and a MSc. in Management Studies.  Mrs. Wade is a Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional (CRCMP), a Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA) and is also certified in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA).

Mrs. Wade is also an Anti- Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA). Mrs. Wade was appointed as AID Bank’s Internal Auditor in October 2010.

  • To provide independent and objective assessments on the appropriateness of the organization's activities;
  • To act as a catalyst for change, advising or advocating improvements to enhance internal controls, policies, procedures and practices of the Bank.
  • The Office of the Internal Auditor reports to the Board's Finance and Audit Committee.
Risk Officer

Ms. Tammy Jean-Jacques

Ms. Tammy Jean-Jacques holds a B.Sc. Specialization in Accounting, an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business and is a Chartered Certified Accountant qualified by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Ms. Jean-Jacques is a former bank manager with extensive training in anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism practices. She joined the AID Bank in April 2016.

  • To ensure the achievement of the risk management objectives throughout the organization so that the AID Bank achieves its Vision.
  • To identify and analyze areas of potential risk.
  • To develop and implement Risk Management Policies, Risk Assessment Models and Risk Controls.
  • To monitor the risk and compliance functions and provide training to staff in relation to management of risks, compliance programs and money laundering.