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AID Bank Offers Two Transitional Scholarships to two students of ITSS

The Dominica Agricultural, Industrial and Development Bank has offered transitional scholarships to two students commencing their secondary education at the Isiah Thomas Secondary School (ITSS). The Bank is extremely pleased that as part of its corporate social responsibility, it has afforded two students from CHANCES the opportunity to attend ITSS.

Both students wrote the 2016 grade six (6) national assessment examination and were successful, despite the challenges they may have faced before becoming part of the CHANCES family.

A statement from CHANCES acknowledges and appreciates the assistance and corporation from AID Bank. Government alone cannot maintain the institution and this kind gesture from the AID Bank at the beginning of this academic period was welcomed.

The bank is pleased to support CHANCES’ effort to create a cheerful and warm environment which shapes and moulds young minds and personalities to become stronger and aspiring individuals who can make a positive contribution to themselves, community and country.

CHANCES is a government owned residential home catering to children and young persons from birth to eighteen years. The institution operates year-round and provides emergency shelter in a safe environment for its residents.

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