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AID Bank contributes to the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School Cadet Corps

On Wednesday 6th July 2016, The Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank attended the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School enrolment ceremony at the school’s grounds.

16 new students pledged to conform to the rules of the Dominica Cadet Corps and to be good citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica. AID Bank sponsored one of the young recruits, Mathy Bernard.

The Ceremony was attended by the Commandant of the Dominica Cadet Corps, Colonel David Andrew; Unit Commander, Lieutenant Lynard Henderson; Senator Felix Thomas; Principal of the ITSS, Shirley Samuel, existing Cadet Corps members, parents and various sponsors.

Colonel Andrew congratulated the new recruits and encouraged them to be proud of their choice to become part of the Dominica Cadet Corp. He stated that despite many challenges faced by the programme due to limited resources and personnel, the Dominica Cadet Corps has persevered and continues to succeed with the support of the principal and staff, parents and the entire nation.

Mrs. Samuel encouraged the recruits to let their light shine in various communities so that others may see and emulate their good works, further more encouraging them to become members of the cadet unit themselves. 

The Dominica Cadet Corps originally began as the Dominica Grammar School Cadet Corp which was established in 1910. The organisation slipped in to dormancy in 1978 but was revived by Prime Minister Roosevelt Douglas who was a former cadet Sergeant at the Dominica Grammar School.

The AID bank congratulates Ms. Bernard and her fellow recruits for making a positive decision towards becoming a better person and serving their country.

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