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The Board of Directors of the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank is pleased...


With its latest donation of EC$1,800.00, the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank’s contribution to the Dominica 4-H Clubs from 2014 to date totals EC$11, 000.00.

The bank’s donation will contribute to the cash prizes for the top three winning clubs within secondary schools competing at this year’s local dinner plate competition, scheduled for Saturday 23rd April, 2016 at the Dominica Grammar School.

Typically, in the local Dinner Plate Competition, 3 students per club prepare “on the spot” creative and nutritious dishes comprising a meat kind and an accompaniment (starch/vegetables).  Other activities include the setting of a dinner table, which will be judged.

This event presents an ideal opportunity to: (i) promote our local agricultural products, (ii) encourage the development of the culinary art skills of our students, and (iii) sensitize the public to the diverse uses of our local food items for sustainability and economic enrichment.

The AID Bank is pleased to be associated with this wholesome venture, which creates opportune linkages between Education, Agriculture, Industry and Tourism, all key sectors within the Bank’s loan portfolio.

National 4-H Co-ordinator, Ms. Shirley Alexander stated that “the clubs feel appreciative and special at the generosity of the bank and that this gesture is very encouraging. She stated that as a cherished partner, the AID Bank is truly concerned about the overall wellbeing of our young people.”

The Dominica 4-H Clubs teach clubites various life skills and can positively impact the local agricultural sector by reducing the food import bill, developing income generating projects, thus creating a new group of “agripreneurs”, intent on treating agriculture like a business. 

Last year, the bank’s contribution to the regional Dinner Plate Competition held in Barbados was rewarding. The Dominica Team comprised students from the Pierre Charles Secondary School, who won the Silver Award and the prize for the tastiest dishes.

This year, the Bank is particularly excited about the launching of the 4-H recipe book, “A TASTE OF 4-H, a Dominican Experience” which it feels will add value to our local cuisine for residents and visitors alike.

The 4-H movement is well-positioned to stimulate a keen interest in organic farming, culinary arts and to build a cadre of professionals such as food scientists, nutritionists and chefs among others.

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